Recruiting CRM Software

Gone are the days of recruiters calling leads on a stack of paper, working one by one, month after month. Today’s recruitment agencies rely on powerhouse CRM to make their work smarter and more efficient.

But how do you know what to look for in your recruitment CRM software? With many options on the market, it can be a challenge to determine what’s right for your business.

Why Does Your Recruitment Agency Need CRM Software?

Recruitment goals may vary from other industries, but if you’re running into logistical issues with client management, it’s a good sign that your CRM is to blame.

Great recruiting CRM software will help:

  •       Eliminate the need for dozens of spreadsheets
  •       Increase efficiency in managing call lists
  •       Improve the speed of contact with potential clients
  •       Improve the quality of leads
  •       Improve recruiter morale

If you’re tired of manually entering data on every client you pursue, recruitment agency CRM software is an excellent upgrade.

What to Look for in Recruitment CRM Software

Ready to accelerate your recruitment team’s efforts with CRM Software? You’ll have plenty of options to choose from. However, it’s important to keep in mind that as recruiters, some of your specific needs will vary from other industry types. Saying that there are a few foundational aspects of your agency’s CRM software that are must-haves.

Direct Calling

One of the biggest issues your team may face is in picking up the phone and dialing every number they want to reach. Those few seconds required each time can add up to hours lost each week. Look for recruiting CRM software that offers Direct Dialing. This process will allow your agents to call potential clients directly from the CRM browser, saving time while they’re at it.

Local Presence Caller ID

These days, no one answers a phone number from out of state. Ask your potential CRM provider if they offer Local Presence. This service will ensure that your agents show up with local phone numbers on Caller ID and are more likely to get a pick-up.

Unlimited Visitor Tracking

Whether your business is big and booming or small and thriving — you’re always looking to grow. Many CRM software providers have a cap on the number of users who can hold accounts. Look for a provider with Unlimited Visitor Tracking to grow right along with you.

Multiple Communication Channels

Today’s clients are active on many channels. In order to keep up with the modern recruiting process, you need CRM software that can keep up. Look for providers that offer multiple communication channels including Email, SMS and Chat. This will ensure you can meet clients where they’re at.

Ready to Get Started With Recruitment Agency CRM Software?

If you’re on the hunt for great CRM, CRM Dialer is an excellent choice. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and a track record of success. We offer all the great features listed here, plus many others that can help your agents attract and land more, better-quality leads.

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