Your favorite power dialer CRM has done it again! We’ve added another groundbreaking feature to make CRMDialer better than ever.

We’re happy to announce that Tech Hub now gives you B2B chat capabilities right within your CRMDialer interface. This lets you create a chat community for work, with a central spot where you and your clients can communicate, share ideas, network and solve problems together.

To help you get to know Tech Hub a little better, this quick guide gives you the 411 on all the must-know details.

Benefits of Tech Hub

Let’s be real. A feature is only as good as the benefits it has to offer, right? In addition to increasing your ability to collaborate with clients quickly and seamlessly, B2B chat has been shown to increase overall client satisfaction. A few recent studies designed to gauge the results of using B2B chat yielded stunning results. Check them out:

  • 305% ROI for sales within a six-month period
  • 120% ROI for customer service within a six-month period
  • 20% boost in conversions

Our newest feature is inspired by mIRC, the Windows-based internet chat that founder Dimitri Akhrin used a lot during the early 1990s. Dimitri loved the rich functionality and the simplicity of the UI, so he worked to create a chat feature that brought the same benefits to the table for CRMDialer users.

Using Tech Hub



Like the rest of CRMDialer, Tech Hub is created to be easy and intuitive to use. It’s simply an extension of the internal chat function already built into the interface. Using it for the first time is easy:

  1. Open it by clicking the “Tech Hub” button in the lower righthand corner of your chat popup screen.
  2. Choose a nickname and set up your user options.
  3. Review the Tech Hub Usage Rules, and click “Agree.”
  4. Use the buttons located at the top of the chat popup to search for users or channels, create group chats or open new channels.

Need to see who else is chatting in a public channel? Click the “Users” icon to bring up a list. Not sure what the options are? Hover over each button for a quick tooltip explaining how to use it. Easy peasy, right?


How Tech Hub Stacks Up

We’re excited about this new feature. It gives you one easy-to-access spot where you can have public or private conversations, send files, share images or chat about specific CRMDialer pages. Every public channel can have a topic set, and — best of all — every chat is easily searchable, much like message board forums. So how does our new searchable B2B community compare to some of the other popular options out there?


Slack offers a pretty comprehensive chat tool with one-on-one and group chat capabilities, file sharing using Google Drive and other file-sharing services, archived chats and audio/video conferencing capabilities. But to get started, users have to visit the Slack workspace creation page, enter their email address, wait for a confirmation code, enter it and then follow the directions to create their workspace.

CRMDialer’s Tech Hub is built right in, no confirmation code needed.


This chat app integrates with other third-party applications, including Facebook, Salesforce, and Dropbox. Users chat right from the HipChat website, or they install it on their servers for an added cost. CRMDialer is all about keeping your costs low.  We also include Tech Hub with all the other powerful tools and features.


Quip gives businesses the ability to share documents in real-time, boosting communication and collaboration all in one place. But, unlike Tech Hub, Quip requires users to download the app. And you have to pay to play. Plans start around $25 per person per month. CRMDialer includes Tech Hub with all its other amazing features, with no need to download extra apps. Plus, we don’t do per-person charges ever.  Simple, cost-efficient and designed to boost your business’s bottom line.