Power Dialer: How an Integrated Phone System Can Help You Sell

Power dialers and customer resource management platforms are two of the most popular sales tools in use today. A power dialer enables companies to streamline their calling, maximize volume, and reduce a highly repetitive task. CRMs put customer data at the center of sales, helping agents deliver a more efficient process and a better customer experience. But while each is powerful on its own, some systems, like CRMDialer, combine the two, creating a sales tool that offers even more benefits than the sum of its parts. 


Use Your CRM Data Right on the Phone

The customer data contained in your CRM provides your sales team with the insights necessary to understand customer needs, develop more targeted solutions, shorten the sales process, and close more deals. Having your power dialer integrated directly into your CRM ensures your sales team will be able to access that all-important customer data, even on the fly while they’re in the middle of a sales call. 

While it is sometimes possible to integrate disparate CRM and power dialer systems, it often results in a poor user experience. With a tool like CRMDialer, the dialer and CRM are two sides of the same system, designed to work together seamlessly from the start. As a result, agents can navigate to customer and lead accounts to access the data they need in seconds, no matter where else they are in the system. It’s an unparalleled user experience that enables agents to sell better and move prospects through the buying process faster. 


Capture More Customer Data Into Your CRM

The seamless connection of CRM and power dialer also works as a source of customer data, as well. Every sales call generates a wealth of information, and even something as simple as when the last call occurred can be an extremely valuable thing to know, but also an extremely easy data point to miss. With your CRM and dialer connected, all the key data points from each sales call can be accurately logged and stored for future reference. In the case of CRMDialer, that process is often automatic, logging key information about each phone-based interaction to the lead’s account in the background, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. 


Help Your Agents Make More Connections Each Day

A dialer-equipped CRM is the ultimate sales productivity tool, especially in high-volume calling environments. Power dialers like the one included with CRMDialer come with a number of tools designed to help agents make more successful connections each day, like one-click dialing, automatic dialing, and one-click voicemail drop. 


One-Click Dialing:

One-click dialing enables agents to launch a call to a prospect or customer with a single click from anywhere within the lead’s account. It’s an ideal tool for one-off calls, eliminating the time it takes to look up a number and dial, and enabling the agent to launch a call easily on the fly while reviewing a customer’s data. 


Automatic Dialing:

Automatic dialing uses calling queues to launch one call after the next, enabling an agent to work through their day’s call list without having to ever dial a single number. Agents can build out their daily calling queues in any order they want, tell the system how long to wait between each call to ensure they have time to prepare or take notes, and then launch their whole day’s calling with a single click. 


One-Click Voicemail Drop:

In high-volume calling environments, time is money, and the minutes spent waiting for the beep and leaving voice messages are minutes agents can’t afford to waste. One-click voicemail drop enables agents to choose a pre-recorded voicemail and drop it instantly, with a single click. The power dialer then moves the agent on to the next call while keeping the line open in the background to leave the pre-selected message automatically at the beep. 


CRMs and power dialers are two of the most powerful sales tools available today, and a seamless integration of the two creates a platform that enhances all aspects of sales in a way no other single system can match. For a first-hand look at everything a top CRM-power dialer combo can do for your company, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.