Real Estate CRM

Based on real estate data from 2017, there are well over 1 million realtors in the United States alone. It’s a competitive market, to say the least, that continues to evolve alongside shifts in technology and housing trends.

Now, your competition pool will be segmented based on a number of factors, such as geographic location and demand. And while only a small portion of that 1 million total, staying at the top of your game still requires strategy.

This is especially true now that those buying and/or selling a home have unlimited access to information online. In a matter of searches and clicks, potential clients can compile a list of qualified, local agents who are eager to serve their needs.

While clients may have more options to choose from than ever before, that doesn’t necessarily make coming to a decision any easier. That’s why it’s no surprise that referrals continue to be the main source of business for realtors. The better your success rate and ability to build lasting relationships with every client that walks through your door, the more likely you are to rise above the competitive noise.

How do you begin to do just that? Adopt a tool that can help you manage your communications and streamline your ability to close a deal. Here are just a few CRM secrets to keep in mind for your real estate business.

The Personalized Approach Sells

We’ve already mentioned the importance of relationship-building in real estate. As an agent, you’re providing more than just a service — you’re providing an experience. It’s your job to ensure that the process of buying or selling a home is a memorable one in the best way possible.

With the power of CRMDialer at your fingertips, you can build these experiences starting with that very first email. Integrations with Gmail and Outlook keep every contact synced, centralized, and trackable as leads within your dashboard. You can make notes and easily pull up every piece of documentation and email exchanged.

This allows you to personalize communication around the relationship you’re building, not just the service you’re selling. And with features like website visitor tracking, you can continuously build out your pipeline with new potential leads, while simultaneously managing those further down the funnel.

One-Time Clients, Long-Term Referrals

Referrals are real estate agents’ best friend. But in order to obtain them, you need a foundation of satisfied clientele that you continue to remain top-of-mind with.

If you have that base built, make the most of it. Your client relationship doesn’t have to end once the paperwork is signed and the keys are in their hands. CRMDialer’s email marketing feature makes it easy to create templates and track messages to clients. You can even schedule emails in advance, making it easy to re-engage previous clientele with newsletter and referral campaigns.

It’s Possible to (Practically) Eliminate Busy Work

Administrative tasks are a necessary evil in any business environment. In order to stay organized and optimize your efforts, you need to keep client information up to date, send the contracts, and write the emails.

However, CRMDialer helps you drastically reduce the amount of busywork needed, with automation tools. Thanks to eSignature, you can also ensure that every document is signed, sealed, and delivered in record time.

Experience everything that a CRM can make possible for your real estate business. Set up your free trial to get started in less than 90 seconds!