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It can’t be overstated how important good lead generation is in the real estate game. Hot leads are the lifeblood of sales, and most successful agents put a significant amount of time, effort, and money into nurturing the highest quality leads they can. But traditional real estate lead generation techniques, while certainly effective, result in agents all competing for the same pool of prospects. Savvy real estate agents know that by thinking outside the box, they can better use their time and resources to make their lead generation more efficient and to locate and nurture leads that other agents are probably missing. The following methods represent just three of the many ways agents can use that kind of outside-the-box thinking to boost their sales. 


Look for Specialization Opportunities

Specialization is all about making your existence easier by carving out a niche to avoid competing with the masses. It works in the animal kingdom, and it works in real estate! That isn’t to say you should block yourself off from certain opportunities, but by becoming the agent in a specific niche, you can supercharge your personal brand and differentiate yourself far more effectively. 

Specialization opportunities for real estate professionals include empty-nesters and retirees looking to sell a large house full of now-empty rooms, divorcees looking to move quickly or – in some cases – with court orders to liquidate their properties, new professionals in high-paying industries looking for their first homes, and more. Once you’ve decided on your niche, targeting your marketing materials narrowly will result in higher quality leads and lower overall costs.


Embrace the Digital Platforms Your Prospects Prefer

Real estate advertising is nothing new – we’ve all seen the billboards, busses, and benches that agents have plastered their faces on since time immemorial. But we live in the digital age, and if you aren’t approaching digital advertising mediums with the same seriousness you approach more traditional ones, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to get in front of a new generation of buyers and sellers. 

One great way to leverage digital advertising is to place your ads in mediums that make it as easy as possible for prospects to reach out to you. You could run a traditional web ad that takes leads to your website to fill out a contact form – or, you could run an ad right on Facebook messenger or Instagram, where leads can contact you directly, cutting out almost all of the cumbersome process of traditional lead generation, step up your sales and conversions with our lead management tools. 


Network at Non-Traditional Events

The most successful agents never stop networking, because they know that people who don’t want to buy or sell a house today might want to tomorrow. Agents that aren’t already masters of networking need to get to work on polishing up their skills ASAP, but even great networkers sometimes miss opportunities by directing their efforts too narrowly. 

One great example is events and conferences. Networking at real estate-related events should never be ignored, but, at the end of the day, those events represent dense competition, making it hard for you to stand out. Networking at non-traditional, non-real estate related events flips that equation on its head. The attendees might not have real estate on their minds at all, but you can be pretty sure you’re the only agent with Comic-Con on your networking calendar! Just remember that non-real estate events are for making contacts to turn into sales later, not for selling right then and there. 


These three lead generation techniques will certainly help you generate higher quality leads, but finding hem is only the first step. Once you’ve captured a lead, how you manage and nurture it is arguably even more important to successful conversion, and that’s where customer resource management technology comes in. CRM software platforms like CRMDialer offer advanced lead management tools to make it easier than ever to organize, prioritize, and manage leads, resulting in better relationship building, a smoother inbound sales process, and higher conversions. 

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