Real Estate CRM

So many of your fellow real estate agents aren’t using a CRM at all, relying instead on spreadsheets and word processing documents — none of which help you manage all your leads, contacts and relationships as effectively as a CRM platform. Do you think you don’t need a CRM? Consider all that you’re missing without one:

You can organize all your information in one spot: Think about it – you’re getting leads from multiple streams, ranging from your website to social media to direct mail campaigns and more. You need a solid database to pull all that information together in a way that keeps it organized and easy to access in one place.

You can respond faster: You already know you need to respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and customer questions, right? Having the right CRM makes it easier to respond efficiently, even if that means sending an auto-response message to acknowledge an online inquiry. Even more, you need a platform that notifies you as leads come in. Otherwise, you could be missing out on important opportunities.

You can stay in touch: The best realtors know that managing their new prospects and clients is important, but it’s only half the battle. Consider this: Research suggests that the majority of buyers would use their agents again and/or recommend them to other buyers, but less than 15% actually ended up doing so. Making a positive impression from the get-go and keeping track of important milestones like their home purchase anniversaries — a perfect time to send a sweet email — can help keep you top of mind when they’re in the market again or know someone who is.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, now you know why you need a CRM. But what makes CRMDialer simply the best option for real estate agents?

You Can Get More Done in Less Time

We’re big believers in the power of streamlining. Having fewer systems to log in and out of saves time minimizes errors and reduces frustration. That’s why we pack tons of tools into our all-in-one platform, enabling you to do things like:

  •       Take notes, send SMS follow-ups and craft emails, even while you’re on the phone
  •       Make calls right from your browser with our power dialer CRM’s powerful telephony, which includes clicking to call, voicemail drop and more
  •       Search for notes, images, and other important information about listings and other business matters using the searchable chat database, which enhances collaboration

You Can Nurture Lasting Client Relationships

It’s part of the gig — taking great care of your clients, making a strong impression and staying in touch to nurture the relationship you started. With CRMDialer, you can do all of that and more. Here are a few of the ways we help you create strong relationships:

  •       Create email campaigns specifically for past clients, current clients and potential prospects with email templates and analytics to monitor the effectiveness
  •       Remain consistent in your outreach with a combination of communication tools, a built-in helpdesk, and an integrated calendar to keep track of all your important appointments and follow-ups
  •       Improve your lead quality and increase your prospecting capabilities with real-time website visitor tracking and lead management to minimize the opportunities that could otherwise be slipping through your fingers

You Can Provide Convenience for Your Clients

Real estate is a competitive business. You can stand out in a variety of ways, including the customer experience that you deliver. We can help make it amazing with:

  •       E-signature that allows your clients to sign contracts and other paperwork from anywhere in the world, anytime that works for them
  •       A built-in helpdesk that lets you deliver next-level service and monitor the efficiency
  •       Payment acceptance options that let you collect online payments as needed via credit card, e-checks or ACH transactions

You want to make more money, handle more listings and create more lasting customer relationships? You’re going to need a great CRM.

The best CRM for real estate agents for yourself, visit CRMDialer today. Schedule a demo or sign up for one of our CRM plans. The platform is simple and fast to implement, easy to use and results-oriented. We created it to help you succeed.