• Top 5 Must-Have CRM Features for Successful Mortgage Companies

    Mortgage Broker Sales

    Customer resource management software is becoming ubiquitous across the mortgage industry, thanks to the benefits it provides in improving the sales process and strengthening client relationships. But with so many CRM platforms on the market today, how do you know which one is right for your brokerage? The following are five of the most important […]

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  • Why A CRM Is So Important for Mortgage Companies Working Remotely

    Why A CRM Is So Important for Mortgage Companies Working Remotely

    Customer resource management tools have seen widescale adoption across the mortgage industry thanks to the myriad benefits they offer covering everything from prospecting to sales to marketing, and beyond. But with so many companies moving brokers and agents onto partial or full-time work-from-home plans, CRM has a new roll to play – the glue that […]

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  • What Features Do You Need from A CRM to Make Your Mortgage Agency Successful?

    Mortgage Agency

    The primary drivers of a successful mortgage agency are an unmatched knowledge of your products, an unwavering commitment to getting the best deals possible for your clients, and strong relationships within the industry. But just getting clients in the door can be challenging, especially when consumers now have more options than ever for dealing directly […]

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  • What Makes a Mortgage Customer Resource Management Software Different from a General CRM?

    Mortgage Customer Resource Management

    CRMs are quickly becoming ubiquitous across almost all sales-based industries, as companies realize the value of automating and enhancing as many of their prospecting and client management tasks as possible. The mortgage industry is now different, and plenty of brokers are now employing modern CRM’s to help them work smarter and deliver more value to […]

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  • 7 Major Benefits of CRM Calling Software for Mortgage and Loan Officers

    Calling Software for Mortgage and Loan Officers

    When it comes to closing new mortgages and loans, the telephone is one of the most important tools of the trade. But legacy calling systems and outdated software and hardware can significantly hamper your officers’ ability to effectively and efficiently handle their daily calling tasks, hurting their close rates and your organization’s overall profitability. Luckily, […]

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