The Importance of a Cloud-Based Sales Dialer

A cloud-based sales dialer is a mission-critical tools in modern sales environments because they transform the telephone from a simple tool with minimal functionality into a self-contained call center that boosts productivity, close rates, and revenues while reducing agent workloads and improving the work environment. 

Cloud-based sales dialers use voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) technology and advanced automation to minimize or eliminate the most time-consuming parts of sales calling. They let the computer handle repetitive tasks, allowing the agent to focus more on delivering a great sales process. And because sales dialers minimize repetitive work, they also minimize the repetitive mental and emotional strain that causes call center turnover rates to be so high. 


Top Features to Look For in a Cloud-Based Sales Dialer

A wide variety of cloud-based sales dialers are available today, and while many share similar features, each offers its own benefits and drawbacks, making it more or less suitable for a given sales environment. With that in mind, the following are some of the top features businesses should look for when shopping for a new dialer. 

Automatic Dialing

Outgoing call efficiency is a top priority and the primary reason to utilize a dialer in the first place. Any dialer selected should enable agents to build out queues of their daily call lists that the dialer will then work through, automatically launching each new call after the previous one ends.

One-Click Voicemail Drop

Waiting for the beep wastes time that agents simply don’t have to spare. Good dialers eliminate that problem by enabling agents to leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with a single click. Once one-click voicemail drop has been activated, the system will move the agent on to the next call while keeping the line open in the background until the message can be delivered after the beep. 

Interactive Voice Response

IVR systems are the familiar automated operators that greet most people calling into big businesses. They streamline inbound call handling by letting the customer choose where they’d like to be directed quickly and efficiently, minimizing hold time and transfers. Some cloud-based sales dialers come with full IVR systems built-in, enabling users to improve both their outbound and inbound calling operations. 

Local Presence

Nothing triggers the instinct to screen a call like an unfamiliar phone number from a random area code. Local presence allows sales agents to get around that instinct and connect more calls by equipping them with the ability to dynamically change their outgoing phone number to match the location of their prospects. Agents can simply group their calls by geographical area, select a number with a matching area code, and get to work. Call recipients will see an area code they recognize on call display, and answer rates can be improved by as much as 60%. 

Native CRM Integration

A sales dialer is a powerful tool, but combine its functionality with the data capture and management capabilities of a customer resource management system, and you have one of the most powerful sales tools ever created. A CRM integration allows data to be captured automatically from each and every sales call, and also allows agents to access the entirety of the data the company has on any given customer right on a call, improving the sales process greatly. But, while many dialers offer third-party CRM integration, it’s normally an afterthought and rarely works well. By contrast, systems like CRMDialer that build a CRM and a sales dialer into a single, seamless platform enable users to get the absolute most out of both. Enabling both the dialer and CRM sides of the system to meet their full potential while feeding information back and forth with zero friction is what makes CRMDialer the top sales dialer-CRM combo available today. 

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