Real Estate Sales

Real estate represents a unique sales environment in that a single agent can be responsible for two totally different and, in many ways, opposite sales processes. Real estate professionals representing a homeowner has a more traditional sales job. The same agent, when representing a buyer, is still in a sales position, but one with a very different dynamic between agent and client. Luckily, whether they represent buyers or sellers, there are certain skills and qualities that successful agents can apply to ensure the best possible experience for their clients in all situations. 


Unwavering Client Focus

Real estate is all about finding your clients their ideal home – a major purchase that many people will only make once or twice in their lives. That’s a heavy responsibility, and as a result, it’s incredibly important that you maintain an unwavering focus on your client’s wants and needs. Doing so will not only result in the best possible experience for your client, but it’ll also result in the reinforcement of your positive reputation in the industry and generate valuable referrals. That’s true in most service industries, but in real estate, where one agent might represent both the buyer and seller, it’s incredibly important that all of your clients feel that their best interests are at the top of your mind.


Selling Without Selling

As a real estate agent, your commission depends on facilitating a sale, but that doesn’t mean your job is to act like a salesperson – at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, you should aim to “sell without selling” by acting as a trusted advisor to your clients rather than someone trying to simply close a deal. If a client feels like you’re selling to them, it will likely sour them on the experience at least somewhat, and at worst it could result in them seeking out another agent they feel more comfortable with. It’s important to understand that acting as an advisor aiming to guide your clients through the process to ensure they wind up with the best house possible is your sales process as a real estate agent, and it’s the key to your ongoing success. 


Clear and Constant Communication

Buying or selling a house is a huge event, and it’s essentially unheard of for it to go down without multiple points of contact between the agent and buyer/seller. Most likely, it’s going to take a number of contacts between you and your client both during the search or open house process, and even more so once offers start to move back and forth. Understandable, your clients will be anxious, and leaving them hanging or feeling in the dark is not a good way to do business. One of your primary jobs as an agent is to keep in constant contact with your clients to ensure they’re always in the loop on how the process is going and to ensure that all of their concerns and question are addressed. 


Real estate agents looking to improve their sales processes can also look to technology for help. Real estate agents using CRM tools, can provide elevated levels of service to their clients. From advanced lead management tools to advanced web analytics, to a full communications suite that streamlines all calls, email, and scheduling, CRMDialer has the tools needed by both individual agents and agency teams. For more information on how CRMDialer can help you provide a better experience for your clients, contact us to arrange a demo for your real estate business.