Real Estate CRM

Shopping for a new customer resource management platform is an important task. Not only is it a significant investment, but it will also have a major impact on the success of your agency’s efforts to improve your sales process and service delivery. With that in mind, there are certain features that you should look for when selecting a new CRM for your real estate agency, and the following are five of the most important. 


1) Lead-Generation and Management Tools

The success of your agents and your agency is highly dependent on your ability to bring in a constant stream of new, high-quality leads. Keeping the top of your lead funnel full is all about tapping into as many sources as possible and ensuring that you can effectively capture leads when they emerge. Word-of-mouth and long-term relationship building are also crucial, especially when it comes to connecting with sellers. 

Your CRM should provide you with an easy way to manually enter new leads, and to automatically capture leads from sources like web forms, marketing emails, phone calls, and even QR-enabled direct mail. It should also make it easy to manage those leads and utilize the data you capture to nurture better long-term relationships with your immediate prospects, previous clients, and down-the-road sellers. 


2) Advanced Scheduling Tools

Your agents are constantly on the move. Between staging homes, running open houses, showings, and meeting with new buyers and new sellers, maintaining a tight schedule is of the utmost importance for busy agents. A good real estate CRM should provide your team with tools to make managing their calendars and maintaining their schedules easier. 

CRMDialer fully integrates your team’s Gmail and Outlook calendars and allows them to be managed and updated from within the CRM. Schedules can be shared and accessed across the agency as needed using permissions-based access, and the full integration with the CRM means that the details of every scheduled event and\ task are always tied to each relevant lead account for easy reference. 


3) Bult-In Marketing Tools

Marketing is extremely important in real estate, and the way you market yourself reflects on how your clients can expect you to market their properties as well. A good real estate CRM should enhance and augment your agency’s marketing operations by giving you access to better data and by automating as much of the process as possible. 

Your real estate CRM should include automated email marketing at a minimum, and other features to look for include telemarketing tools like a built-in power dialer, integrated SMS capabilities, and more. 


4) Remote and Mobile Access

With your agents constantly on the move, one of the most important aspects any CRM can offer is remote access. The greatest value in a CRM is the rich collection of lead and client data that drives its functions, and your agents need to have access to that important data even when they’re away from the office. 

Cloud-based platforms like CRMDialer ensure your real estate agents can do remote work from home while having access to all the information and support they would normally have in the office. The addition of a mobile application provides that same access to agents in the field, ensuring unparalleled service delivery at all times. 


5) Scalability and Expandable Integration

Your CRM needs to be able to grow with you, which means that to avoid massive spikes in cost, it’s important that you choose a platform that offers unlimited users, unlimited lead capture, and unlimited file storage. It’s also highly beneficial to choose a CRM that offers expandable integrations so that you can automate your workflows across everything from social media to accounting software, and beyond. CRMDialer’s Zapier integration is a perfect example of that kind of expansion, with over 2,000 web apps available to be tied directly into your CRM. 


CRMDialer offers a complete suite of sales, marketing, and productivity tools designed specifically to meet the needs of busy real estate agencies. For more information on how CRMDialer can help your agents find more leads, build stronger relationships, and move more properties, start your free trial today!