Mortgage Agency

The primary drivers of a successful mortgage agency are an unmatched knowledge of your products, an unwavering commitment to getting the best deals possible for your clients, and strong relationships within the industry. But just getting clients in the door can be challenging, especially when consumers now have more options than ever for dealing directly with their banks and generating their own quotes online. Luckily, there are new software platforms available to help with the sales and client management side of the business, and mortgage CRM technology is the ideal choice because it’s specifically designed to facilitate the relationships and streamline the tasks that keep a steady flow of new leads entering the top of your sales funnel. But, with so many CRM systems currently on the market, your brokerage must pay careful attention to the features and tools offered by each to ensure that you end up with a system well suited to meet your needs, and not one incompatible with the industry. 


Features to Help Maintain Connections to Drive Word of Mouth Marketing

As a mortgage broker, your biggest selling point is that you work for the client, not the bank, meaning your expertise and effort will always be wholly directed towards the client’s best interests. The best way to help new leads understand that is to have it explained to them by friends or family members who have already used your services and been thrilled with the result. That makes word-of-mouth advertising arguably your most powerful marketing tool. The key to generating that advertising is ensuring you don’t let your previous clients forget about you. Even once they’re happily moved into their new homes and won’t need your services again for years, it’s crucial that you maintain contact, and your CRM should make that as easy as possible.

CRMDialer’s lead management suite enables you to track every detail of every communication you have with current and previous clients, and to access that data in a matter of a few clicks. That means you can keep constant situational awareness on which clients you’re in regular contact with and which you’ve begun to drift away from. You can then use CRMDialer to schedule automatic follow-ups and marketing emails based on the information you’ve collected. Everything from a move-in anniversary to a child’s birthday and beyond is a great reason to follow-up, and CRMDialer makes it easier than ever to both keep track of those details and to automate the connections they facilitate. 


Productivity Features Designed to Aide in Document Handling

The mortgage agency business is paperwork heavy. From the initial agreements to represent new clients to disclosure statements to applications, final signoffs and beyond, handling paper is a big part of your work. Your CRM should come with tools designed to streamline that paperwork and, ideally, to eliminate as much of the actual paper altogether by making it easier to digitize and store those records in a convenient and logical way. Many CRM’s make digital document storage easy, but some go the extra mile by making it easier to complete forms and paperwork without ever needing to print them off at all. But, be warned – many sales CRMs have hard caps on the number of documents that can be stored, so it’s important to select one with a very high limit, or, better yet, no limit at all. 

CRMDialer comes with full, built-in eSignature functionality, enabling you to develop PDF forms that are mapped to enable the end-user to fill out everything digitally and legally sign, all without ever having to print or scan anything. CRMDialer also offers unlimited lead accounts and secure document storage, so no matter how large your brokerage grows, you’ll never need to worry about running into storage caps. Finally, because CRMDialer’s document handling is integrated seamlessly with the lead management suite, the organization of client documents is almost entirely automated, and accessing them is as easy as pulling up the relevant lead account or doing a quick global search. 


For more information on the full suite of features included in CRMDialer, or to find out more about the platform that can help your mortgage agency grow, visit today. A member of the team would be happy to give you a guided demonstration of the software, or you can sign-up for a no-commitment 14-day free trial of the fully functional platform and start putting CRMDialer to work right away!