What is a CRM, and Why is it Mission Critical Software for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages

Customer resource management systems (CRMs) are software tools designed to streamline workflows, improve data management, and enhance relationships by bringing all of a company’s customer-facing operations into a single point of control. They use advanced data collection, storage, and automation to reduce the length of the prospecting and sales processes, and some advanced systems – like CRMDialer – also offer a wide array of tools designed to enhance productivity in non-customer facing operations. 

CRM software is now considered a mission-critical sales and management tool across effectively all industries, but the customer-centric nature of CRM offers some particularly valuable benefits to the real estate world. Those benefits are myriad and cover everything from improved prospecting to faster closes to smoother administration and beyond, making customer resource management software an organization-wide time and money saver. The full list of ways CRM platforms enable real estate sales is too long for a single article, but the following represent just a few of the key benefits a high-end CRM can offer to your agents, your admin team, and your managers. 


Better Lead Collection and Management

Leads are everything in real estate, especially in tightening markets where a growing pool of agents compete for a shrinking number of listings. CRMs are ideal tools for real estate because the core of most CRM platforms is their lead and customer data collection capabilities. A good CRM creates a wider, more efficient net for lead capture and makes updating, managing, and utilizing each gathered lead faster and more effective.

CRMDialer enables leads to be captured and saved in the system automatically from a variety of sources, including email, web forms, and SMS messages. It’s also an ideal tool for real-time lead capture at open houses. Once a lead account has been created, each new contact is automatically logged, and adding notes manually can be done in a matter of a couple of clicks. The result is that your agents will have a higher volume of leads coming in the top of your funnel, better classification and sorting of those bulk leads, and complete customer information at their fingertips when it’s time to reach out and land a client. 


Stronger Long-Term Relationships

Access to complete customer data provides some major benefits to your real estate agents. First and foremost, it ensures they can maintain constant situational awareness on the state of your local market. But it also ensures that the service they deliver to clients and the marketing and sales processes delivered to prospects doesn’t feel cold. Because a CRM enables your agents to quickly and easily reference the entirety of your collected data, each time they reach out to a customer through an email or phone call, they can check – in real-time – things like the ages and names of children or spouses, important personal dates, the details of previous conversations and more. 

The result is that each marketing contact feels as much like the continuation of a conversation between friends as possible, rather than a salesman calling another name on a list. That kind of long-term relationship building is often the difference between getting a listing or losing it, making a CRM an invaluable relationship management tool.  


Constant Contact with the Market

In addition to the personalization of service, one of the most important relationship-building and marketing tools real estates have at their disposal is consistency. When a new buyer enters the market or a homeowner decides they’re ready to sell, a huge factor in their search for an agent is the name or face that comes to mind first. That makes recency invaluable in real estate sales, and the key to maintaining recency is constant contact with prospects. 

A high-end CRM like CRMDialer makes constant contact with leads and previous customers easy by automating as much of the follow-up process as possible. One-on-one follow-ups can be scheduled into the system that will provide on-screen pop-ups reminding agents to reach out in regular intervals. Prewritten SMS messages and emails can also be scheduled to go out automatically, and the built-in analytics suite makes it easy to see exactly how long it’s been since each lead was contacted. 


Tighter Scheduling

The work-life of a real estate agent is in constant motion. Between showing properties, staging and running open houses, meeting clients, networking, and handling daily admin, your agents don’t have time to waste, making tight scheduling incredibly important to maintaining productivity and maximizing sales volume. Multiply that across an entire agency, and good scheduling can be a major difference-maker in overall success. 

Customer resource management software enables better scheduling by bringing your team’s calendars into the CRM and integrating them with all other areas of operations. Those calendars can be shared and managed as needed with permissions-based access, and they sync to connected outside clients like Gmail or Outlook automatically. New meetings and tasks can be added to agent calendars and the associated lead accounts from anywhere within the CRM with just a few clicks. Advanced automatic SMS and email reminders ensure both agents and clients never miss an event, and clients can even send confirmations, cancellations, and rescheduling requests directly into the CRM via SMS, providing instant on-screen notification to their agent. The result is the most efficient scheduling possible, minimized time and resources wasted on canceled and moved meetings, and a smoother, more convenient experience for the end client. 


Headache-Free Document Handling

Buying or selling a home requires a lot of paperwork, and your agents are responsible for wrangling those signatures and managing those stacks of paper. All that paperwork is a pain at best, and can also cause some major problems for agencies. First and foremost, it’s slow. Printing, signing, scanning, and mailing paperwork eats up a lot of time both during client acquisition and when your agents close deals – time they don’t have to spare. On top of that, paperwork takes up a lot of space, and your offices probably have cabinets upon cabinets filled with records that you’re required to keep for years after a deal closes. Space equals money, making long-term paper document storage a drain on profits. 

A good CRM platform will eliminate both of those issues by enabling you to minimize – or even eliminate – the need for paper document handling and storage. CRMDialer offers unlimited document storage, meaning you can keep all of your client and company records in digital format without the need to ever worry about running out of space or having to dig through mountains of old files. CRMDialer also comes with integrated eSignature functionality, meaning you can digitize all of your standard forms and send and retrieve them – legally signed – without the need for them to ever be printed at all. That not only reduces the administrative load on your agency, it also offers significant convenience to your clients.  


Better lead management, stronger relationships, constant contact, tighter scheduling, and easier document management are just five of the many reasons CRM software like CRMDialer is a must-have for modern real estate agencies. But the benefits go far beyond those five. CRMDialer also offers a full billing and payment suite, a built-in helpdesk, an email autoresponder, a leading power dialer, and much more. It also offers a mobile app that puts many of those features at your agents’ fingertips, no matter where they are or when they need them. 

If you’re ready to find out more about how customer resource management can help your agency sell more properties and work smarter across the board, click here to begin your 14-day free trial of CRMDialer today!