Power Dialer

Having the right power dialer on your side makes all the difference. After all, this is one of the tools that can take your business to the next level by making it possible to contact (and hopefully convert) more prospects in less time. Even better? A power dialer that gives you powerful calling tools (voice, recordings, sms, call queues) via an unlimited users CRM that’s packed with cutting edge features designed to boost your bottom line is the ideal solution.

And that’s just the beginning of what CRMDialer has to offer.

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There are a lot of power dialers out there. There are lots of CRMs out there too. But we think that one of the newer kids on the block has knocked it out of the park with its inbound and outbound CRM and power dialing capabilities. So, what does this powerful, game-changing platform have to offer?

Build a Call Center Cloud with Your Branding

You want a power dialer with the ability to white label it with your brand — you’ve got it! This full-featured call center cloud delivers big time. Make calls from your browser, log them automatically and enjoy perks like click to call, which lets you contact up to 300% as many prospects. You also get IVR, voicemail drops and local presence dialing, which has the potential to boost your contact rate by up to 400%.

Power Dialer

Turn Prospects into Customers with SMS

Research shows that texting makes it faster and easier for a sales rep to get a response from clients and prospects. Lots of people prefer communicating through SMS, especially busy CEOs. Others are just so busy that answering the phone (or playing phone tag) isn’t at the top of their list of priorities. But when you can send a text first to reach out and let them get back to you on their own time, you’ll see a difference in your response rates.

Collaborate and Communicate with Chat

It’s hard to top the power of internal chat for creating an amazing collaborative environment. You want to boost the teamwork in your business? This is a great way to do it. It’s an easy-to-use, searchable, all-in-one spot where everyone can share files, images and information instantly. And now, you can choose between internal chat for building an awesome team environment and our newest feature, Tech Hub, which gives you searchable B2B chat capabilities.

Power Dialer Chat

Understand Your Prospects with Website Visitor Tracking

Want to know what your prospects interests and pain points are? There’s nothing like real-time website visitor tracking to give you the information you need to turn cold calls into meaningful conversations.

Get More Done with Integrated Email

Another useful feature of this power dialer CRM is its integrated email functionality. In addition to built-in SMS and chat, you also get inbound and outbound email. Plus, our system syncs to your Gmail or Outlook account, automatically tracks emails, schedules emails to go out at a specific day and time and includes email templates to help your team be as productive as possible.

Deliver Top Notch Service with a Built-In Helpdesk

Happy customers are the cornerstone of every thriving business. We want to help make it easier to keep your clients, customers and prospects happy, which is why we included a helpdesk. Track every ticket from the time it comes in until the issue is resolved. Make sure your customers’ problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently for next-level customer service that your clients are sure to notice.

Do you think this sounds like a power dialer that could make a difference for your business?

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