Being an HR recruiter is hard work. You have to not only understand different job requirements, but you also have to be able to attract, identify, and talk to hundreds of candidates for a wide variety of positions—all at the same time! And finding the right candidate for an opening is essential to success. Placing a candidate who doesn’t perform as expected…well, we all know that’s not an optimal outcome.

So how do today’s modern recruiters manage to successfully juggle all these candidates, job postings, and other details? Believe it or not, an HR CRM is the perfect tool for doing all these things. Here are three reasons why a CRM is critical to today’s recruiters’ success.


Power Dialing for Candidates

Sometimes it seems like recruiters spend all their time on the phone talking to as many candidates as possible in as little time as possible. That can get time-consuming, and sometimes even a little mind-numbing.

To make it a little easier—and faster—CRMDialer offers auto and one-click dialing. Without having to look up numbers and actually dial them, recruiters can shave off precious seconds and minutes from calls, helping them move on to other tasks quicker.


Save Time with Integration & Centralized Communication

Sometimes it seems like we’re jumping from platform to platform to find, contact, and interview candidates. That’s a sure-fire way to have a good candidate or essential information fall through the cracks.

That’s why CRMDialer features integration with Zip Recruiter, one of the top job platforms. When someone applies for a job using Zip Recruiter, CRMDialer can automatically generate an applicant record, transferring all the candidate’s information.

What’s more, with integrations with Gmail and Outlook, CRMDialer can help you easily keep track of all your communications in one central location. Plus, emails are automatically updated to the CRM and tied to candidate’s records, so you’ll never have to hunt for an email again!


Expand and Track Your Virtual Rolodex

Talented recruiters know that keeping their virtual Rolodex full of new and existing contacts is essential for success. But keeping track of all your contacts and remembering their details can be extremely challenging. A CRM system can help you manage all this information, so every time you talk to someone it’ll seem like you’ve known each other for years. It lets you bring a more personalized approach that demonstrates that you truly care about candidates, and ultimately helps you cultivate more solid relationships. What’s more, you get unlimited records with CRMDialer, so you can keep candidate information on file forever!


Want to see what else a CRM can do to make today’s recruiters more successful? Contact us for a free demo of all the features and benefits CRMDialer has to offer.