Know your Power Dialer

CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer is one of the reasons the system stands out as the top customer resource management tool on the market today. The ability to make calls directly through the CRM is a game-changer that provides agents with full and instantaneous access to complete customer data before, during, and after sales calls. But the power dialer does far more than just make phone calls! The following is a quick breakdown of some of the most useful features packed into CRMDialer’s power dialer, but the full list is much longer. 


Automatic Call Queueing: CRMDialer’s power dialer enables agents to build their daily call lists into a queue that the system can work through automatically. Rather than wasting time dialing each number manually, CRMDialer will launch each new call automatically once the previous call finishes, saving time and reducing repetitive stress.  Agents can also set their ideal gap between calls to ensure they have time to take notes or prepare. The result is far more efficient calling with more prospects contacted each shift. 


One-Click Voicemail Drop: Why waste precious minutes waiting for the beep when the power dialer can handle it automatically? CRMDialer enables agents to leave pre-recorded voicemail messages with a single click whenever a call fails to connect. Once a voicemail has been dropped, the power dialer will move the agent to the next call while keeping the previous line open to wait for the beep in the background. With one-click voicemail drop, agents can leave a voicemail whenever needed with zero interruption to their workflow.


Local Presence: Nothing craters answer rates like an unfamiliar number showing up on call display, and prospects that don’t answer can’t be closed. CRMDialer’s local presence feature enables agents calling out-of-area or across state lines to get around that problem by selecting their outgoing number from a list of fully-owned numbers stored in the power dialer. By grouping calls by geographical area and selecting an appropriate number, agents can maintain their call efficiency while boosting answer rates by 60% or more!


Reporting and Analytics: CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer provides a full suite of analytics on all the most important calling KPIs. Users can track calling on the agent, group, or company-wide level, including calls made, time on call, outcomes tracked, and much more. Access to in-depth, real-time and historical analytics enables managers to identify opportunities for improvement at the program level and on an agent-by-agent basis. 


Rep Training: Great salespeople are the result of great training, and CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer makes it possible for management and HR teams to deliver laser-focused training to help agents meet their full potential. Not only do the in-depth analytics paint a picture of each agent’s performance, but the listen-in and call recording features enable managers to monitor agent performance in real-time, as well. Managers can even coach agents on a call without the prospect knowing using the whisper feature. 


CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer includes these features and many more. It also completely replaces traditional phone systems, eliminating the monthly phone bill in the process. To find out more about everything the power dialer can do, reach out to a member of the team or start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today!