• Top 5 Must-Have CRM Features for Successful Real Estate Agencies

    Real Estate CRM

    Shopping for a new customer resource management platform is an important task. Not only is it a significant investment, but it will also have a major impact on the success of your agency’s efforts to improve your sales process and service delivery. With that in mind, there are certain features that you should look for […]

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  • Why a CRM is so Important for Real Estate Agencies Working Remotely

    Why a CRM is so Important for Real Estate Agencies Working Remotely

    With businesses across the country forced to either shut down or transition to full remote operations, a number of industries have been exposed to just how well-decentralized teams can actually function without the need for expensive office space or wasteful in-person meetings. Real estate is one industry that has operated semi-remotely for essentially its entire […]

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  • What Features Do You Need from A CRM To Run A Successful Real Estate Company?

    Real Estate Company

    Real estate is a competitive business with limited supply but almost never-ending demand. That makes a good real estate agent a home buyer or seller’s best friend – but standing out from the crowd and ensuring new entrants to the market call your agency is a constant challenge. One way more and more real estate […]

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  • Why a Dialer is So Important for Your Real Estate Call Center?

    Real Estate Call Center

    As real estate brokerages and agencies grow in size, it often becomes necessary for them to look for more robust phone systems to help handle the large volume of outbound and inbound calling their agents handle each day. If your company has hit that threshold, you’ve probably started to look into options ranging from hardwired […]

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  • 5 Benefits That Your Business Will Get from a Real Estate CRM

    Centralize all Your Communications with a Real Estate CRM

    1. Centralize all Your Communications with a Real Estate CRM One of the most critical parts of a real estate business is communication. Moreover, it also one of the most complex parts of the business. For this reason, it requires a lot of time and effort for your team to make sure that everything is […]

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