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  • Essential Financial CRM Software Features to Collect Customer Payments Quickly

    Collect Customer Payments Quickly

    For far too long now, CRM users have had to log out of their CRM and sign into another program or system to access extra functions and features, including the ability to collect payments. Not so anymore! CRMDialer just unveiled its latest game-changing function — payment acceptance. Now, not only can you collect customer payments […]

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  • Enabling Authorize.Net For Credit Card Payments

    New Payment Interface

    Your CRM enables you to accept credit card payments right from the lead. You can begin to process payments quickly and securely through our payments form that looks like this:     To enable credit card payments, follow these easy steps:   1. Sign into Authorize.Net, open the Account tab, and click API Credentials & Keys:     […]

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  • What Is the Best CRM for Startups Besides Salesforce and Hubspot?


    Far too often, startups overlook the importance of having a CRM, believing that it’s a tool geared more toward larger businesses. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Having the right CRM on board could be even more essential, in some ways, for startups. It helps manage the inflow of data and minimize the […]

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  • What Is The Best Mortgage Sales CRM Software For Loan Officers?

    Loan Officer

    The most successful mortgage loan officers are driven with a go get ’em, customer-first attitude. They prioritize responding to calls and emails and — perhaps most importantly — they’re extremely organized. After all, staying organized is the key to delivering an amazing customer experience, maintaining responsive communications and working efficiently. And you know what helps […]

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  • What Is the Best Recruiting Software?

    HR - Human Resources

    While everyone else is talking about customer relationship management, as a recruiter you need candidate recruiting management software to help you cope with some of the challenges you face every day. Navigating a fast-paced job market in which demand often outpaces supply of talent isn’t always easy. But if you have the right tools and […]

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